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Snap on Smile may be a solution

We saw a gentleman recently who desired to replace some missing teeth with implants.  He had a lot of dental needs such as cavities, extractions that still had to be performed.  As he is a busy executive with a lot of trips and business meetings he had  to attend to we decided to go ahead and place 3 dental implants for now with understanding that still more work needs to be completed in a timely manner.  After implant placement we placed a Snap on Smile appliance over the rest of top teeth to temporarily cover up decayed, discolored and missing teeth, while the implants are healing underneath the appliance.  The Snap on Smile appliance is made by Den Mat company in their proprietary laboratory.  It can produce some pretty dramatic smile improvements very quickly.  No anesthesia required and original teeth do not need to be modified in any way.   Of course this is just a masking procedure until more permanent solutions are performed such as bridges, crowns, or implants.  In this case it allowed this gentleman to go to business meetings with a natural looking smile while allowing implants to heal underneath.  It is an alternative for what is commonly known as a "flipper" appliance.  And the good thing is that it fit only over his top teeth and did not touch his palate at all.  This product maybe what is used for movie actors/actresses to change their smile quickly on the screen.  

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