Complete Dentures

Dentures are not just for elderly patients! Patients of any age may lose some or all of their teeth and may require a denture of some sort. Because teeth are a permanent part of the body, tooth loss can have an emotional impact on some people. Fortunately, the experienced team at Dental World of Marietta can help you reclaim your smile.

Where partial dentures are designed to fill in spaces created by missing teeth, complete dentures are fully removable appliances that are designed to replace all missing teeth.  If you need all remaining teeth removed then complete dentures may be a good treatment for you to help restore your smile, enable you to function well, and restore sunken in cheeks or lips.  We can do “immediate dentures” which allow you to go home with dentures immediately after removal of your teeth.  This allows you to have your new “teeth” right away.  If you are a candidate, we can remove your teeth with IV sedation, for your comfort.

New denture wearers typically need time to get accustomed to their new “teeth,” because even the best-fitting dentures will feel awkward at first. While most patients can begin to speak normally within a few hours, many patients report discomfort with eating for several days to a few weeks. This is perfectly normal and will pass with time.

If you’re ready to find out how a set of complete dentures can change your smile and transform your life for the better, we encourage you to visit our contact page and contact us today to schedule your appointment. Our board-certified surgeons can restore your smile fast and for less. Partial dentures are also available.