Root Canals

If your tooth’s nerve chamber becomes infected by decay, root canal therapy is often the only way to save your tooth.  Inside your tooth’s hard outer shell is a nourishing pulp of blood vessels, lymphvessels and nerves.

Deep tooth decay, or an injury, can cause serious damage and infection to the pulp’s nerves and vessels.  Root canal therapy cleans out the infected pulp chamber and repairs the damage in most cases.

Under local anesthesia, the inside of the tooth is cleaned out and filled with an inert rubber-like material.  A post and buildup are usually placed to restore the top portion of the tooth.  Because the procedure inherently weakens the inside of the tooth, you will need to get a crown or a cap placed over the tooth to protect it.

Therapy is usually done in one or two appointments and most patients say it is completely painless.  We can evaluate if a tooth would likely respond well to root canal therapy. We encourage you to contact us today to schedule your appointment.