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Sometimes a previously root canaled tooth becomes infected. When this occurs a surgical procedure called apicoectomy may be performed to save the tooth. Under local anesthesia or IV Sedation, the area is opened. Infected tissue and end of the tooth root is removed and sent for microscopic evaluation.

The end of the root is filled with a material such as Super-EBA. The area is then usually grafted with bone to ensure good remodeling.

RED Arrows show an area of infection in a tooth that had previous root canal (left) & BLACK arrows show tooth after apicoectomy, retrofill with Super EBA, and Bone Grafting (right).

Apicoectomies or apicos are not done as frequently nowadays because of dental implants.  However in certain situations this is a valuable service.  Please call us for a consultation we can take a look at your case.  Our phone number is 770-984-9000.  Our address is 1410 Terrell Mill Rd. Marietta GA 30067


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